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eStand - 1 ergo (laptop) - An ergonomic laptop stand

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Key Features

* eStand gives correct place to keep your laptop, keyboard and mouse.
* Laptop (screen) surface may be adjusted from 36’’ to 54’’.
* Keyboard and mouse surface may be adjusted from 24’’ to 42’’.
* Made of high strength steel and powder coated.
* Base plate of the workstation is made of heavy steel and highly stable.
* eStand helps to maintain correct posture while working on the laptop.
* eStand is suitable for home-use and office use.
* Made in India and specially designed for Indian people.
* Multipurpose – may be used as simple table or presentation desk.
* Light, good-looking, durable in use.
* Single lock controlled- easy to adjust and use.
* Adjustable base-buffer (leg) assembly to adjust on non-uniform surfaces.
* Only product in India which gives you flexibility to use laptop in sitting as well as standing position.