Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for Working from Home

It is a breathable chair made up of breathable soft fabric for good air ventilation. It comes with a comfortable sitting posture and enhances air circulation. The chair has an adjustable and removable headrest pillow with maximum comfort customization. It also has an adjustable lumbar pillow for back reclination. The user can adjust the ergonomically designed armrest based on three parameters: height, angle, and back. Green Soul Ergonomic chair possesses neck & head support, back support, thighs & knees support, and shoulder & arms support.

5 Ways to Stay Active at Your Desk Job

“Sitting is the new smoking!” – you may have heard that phrase being bandied around by experts as we continue to learn how bad sitting can be for your health. But it truly is a warning you should heed. 

You need to stay active at your desk and throughout your day in order to counteract the damage sitting can do to your body.

eStand – Ergonomic Office Chairs for Work from Home

  • * Do you work on laptop more than 1 hour daily? Do you feel backache while working on laptop? Do you feel stress in your eyes? Do you feel neck pain or shoulder pain? Do you feel pain in wrist, fingers or elbow? Then it is the correct listing for you.Even if you don’t feel above mentioned problems still you can use it as a precautionary measure.

  • * If you are a regular laptop user and want to remain fit for life time, correct your working posture on laptop and avoid back/neck/shoulder and wrist pain.
  • * ergo laptop stand is recommended by Doctor’s to correct working posture while using laptop and remain fit.
  • * Big laptop companies like HP also recommend to use external keyboard and mouse for long time laptop users. Because without external keyboard and mouse it is impossible to use laptop in correct ergonomic posture.
  • * Use eStand(R) ergo laptop stand everywhere in the office or home and save yourself from acute pain and severe diseases. For more details view our pamphlet displayed in pictures.

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