eStand Tripod Laptop Stand to Avoid Back/Neck/Shoulder Pain (Ergonomic Standing Posture)


  • Do you work on laptop for more than 1 hour daily? Do you feel backache while working on laptop? Do you feel stress in your eyes? Do you feel neck pain or shoulder pain? Do you feel stiffness in wrist, fingers or elbow? Then it is the correct listing for you.
  • Even if you don’t feel above mentioned problems you can still use it as a precautionary measure.
  • If you are a regular laptop user and want to remain fit for life time, correct your working posture on laptop and avoid back/neck/shoulder and wrist pain.
  • Ergo Tripod Laptop Stand is recommended by Doctors while using laptop in standing posture and remain fit.
  • Big laptop companies like HP also recommend to use external keyboard and mouse for long time laptop users. Because without external keyboard and mouse it is impossible to use laptop in correct ergonomic posture.
  • Tripod Laptop stand is be used in standing posture. there are separate trays(boards) to keep laptop, keyboard & mouse.


Technical Details

Brand ‎eStand
Item Weight ‎11 KG
Item model number ‎Tripodergo
Height and dimensions of first tray ‎34 TO 53  INCHES (86.36 TO 134.62 CM)
Height and dimensions of second tray ‎46 TO 65 INCHES , (116.84 TO 165.1 CM )
Weight capacity ‎15 KG
Tray  dimensions 12 X16, 9 X24 SQ INCHES
 (30.48 X  40.64, 22.86 X 60.96 SQ CM)

Additional information

Weight 14 kg



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